Friday, September 16, 2011

Half way!!

Twenty week appointment today!  Things are going really welly.  Baby looks fantastic.  We got the confirmation--it's a boy!

My tummy is still small, but I'm definitely pregnant.  (Strangely, more on the right than the left.  I think I might end up with a belly button that's half innie half outie!)  I'm really lucky because my placenta is in the back, so there's not much between my tummy and baby.  That means I will be able to feel all the little kicks etc. that much easier.  Just two weeks ago I felt the first flutters and since then... I feel little nudges and rolls all the time!  In the last few days both hubby and I have felt baby move just by putting our hands on my tummy.  AND one time I actually saw a little movement!

So exciting!!!

It's hard to believe we had to go through so much to get to this point.  Much like I've heard people forget about how painful labor is, I'm starting to forget all of the stress and anxiety of the last few years.  Not that I'm a blissfully ignorant pregnant lady... but I'm allowing myself to feel pretty optimistic!

Half way--go baby!