Monday, April 27, 2015


Still kicking! We got the results from the blood test (Harmony) that tests for chromosomal abnormalities. None! And it's a girl. Yay! Had a heartbeat check today--161bpm. My OB suggested I should be feeling flutters in the next few weeks. I've been feeling something recently... Gas? :)

My nausea is basically fully subsided, which is great. None with my first (a boy) and some with my second (a girl). Coincidence?  Maybe not for severe morning sickness:

And maybe my little one will be extra smart?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Went to my regular OB 12 week appointment today. Still good! We heard a heartbeat and had a blood draw to check for genetic issues. Obviously I'm still nervous, but the further along we get the better things look.

So far things have been different from last time.... I have been feeling sick, and yet insatiably hungry at the same time. I'm 8 lbs heavier now than I was last time at 12 weeks. I didn't reach my current weight last time until after FIVE months along! And I'm definitely showing, much sooner than last time. Ugh.

Okay--all good problems!!