Saturday, March 28, 2015

Still kicking

We had a follow-up appointment with our RE at 9w3d. The little one is still kicking--literally! During the ultrasound we saw a heartbeat (whooh!) and even saw the little bugger bounce around. The doc said that movement is a good sign at this stage, as movement may mean it's less likely to be in the process of pooping out. We still have about 3 weeks to go until we're out of the high risk of miscarriage zone. (Which he said was now at about 4%.) Getting closer every day!

We briefly discussed the fact that we'd had such a good cycle this time, and such a shitty cycle last time. He was like, "you know how some years farmers have a good crop, and other years they have a bad crop?..." Yup, we had a bumper crop this year. 

Measurements were right on target. Progesterone was 38. One more week and I'm off the suppositories. E2 was 1600. Finally off the estrogen patches!

And I'm released from the RE. I have a 12 week with my OB. 

All is good!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


We had our heartbeat confirmation appointment at 7w1d. Heartbeat confirmed! The little one was measured at a whopping 11mm crown to rump. (7w1d on the dot.) Sac was 26mm (7w4d) and yolk was 2.2mm.

They did not actually measure the heartbeat. Visually they can apparently identify a "weak" heartbeat, which we do not have. (Whooh!) E2 was 1395 (all I know is that's fine) and progesterone was 23.3 (with suppositories they want it over 20).

So no reason for concern.... Other than the obvious recurrent miscarriage thing. We'll have a follow-up appointment in a couple weeks to confirm all is good and to get released to my OB.

I've been feeling crappy. I did not have any morning sickness with my little guy, so I was not expecting it. Well, I feel like shit, and have for a few weeks. No barfing (thank goodness), but a general feeling of malaise / motion sickness. (Which is good from the perspective that means I might have a lower miscarriage risk, but not good in terms of my life.) I just got some sea bands ( to help with nausea. Not sure if they'll help, but they cannot hurt.

Other weird thing is I have been insatiably hungry. Also different than my first. So between no exercise, feeling like shit and just laying around, and binge eating, I'm turning into quite the little porker. Good problems to have, I know!