Tuesday, April 18, 2017

CCRM protocol

When I talked to Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, I understood my protocol would look something like this:

·       No exercise
·       No dieting
·       No alcohol
·       No caffeine (entire pregnancy)
·       Try to limit work to 55 hours or less
·       Vitamin cocktail, depending on your particular needs
·       Acupuncture
·       No travel after implantation for 6 weeks
·       Tested thyroid levels after implantation and potentially take a syntheroid
·       10 mg prednisone starting 2 days after transfer, start weaning slowly at 6 weeks 
·       Low dose aspirin entire pregnancy
·       1ml progesterone in oil every other day for 9 weeks
·       Medrol (a low dose steroid) 16 mg starting with progesterone for 4 days
·       Antihistamine treatment (Claritin and Pepcid) with the steroid for 12 weeks and then stop

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