Thursday, April 13, 2017

Estrogen measurements during an FET

We all know that estrogen can be an issue in fresh cycles because your body is making so many follicles and saturating your body with estrogen.  (Estrogen measurements can be related to the number of mature follicles—lots of follicles equals lots of estrogen.  Ovarian hyper simulation syndrome can be a risk (, and high estrogen can have a detrimental effect on chances of pregnancy success.  (

But what about estrogen in a frozen embryo transfer?  Does it even matter?  I mean, they measure it for some reason….

Six days before one of my scheduled FETs, I had an estrogen measurement of 231.  Another time it was 265.  Are those good?  Bad?

Not much appears to be written about this.

In the past, I’ve read e2 should be around 200 per mature follicle.  (That’s why estrogen can be so high on an egg retrieval cycle—lots of follicles.)  Reading non-medical sources, it appears some clinics want at least an e2 measurement of 300 to do a transfer, and prefer 500-1000, with 800 being the ideal.  My clinic looked for anything above 200, although it was not clear to me that they would not do a cycle on less than that.

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