Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Post-miscarriage/pregnancy loss weight loss

I can speak both from experience and from anecdotes of what my friends have experienced that losing weight after pregnancy loss SUCKS.  Seriously, it sucks.  For me, it took over a month of very careful eating and serious exercising to see any kind of movement on the scale, and the weight loss was very gradual.  But I can also say that, once it started to come off, it did come off.

I didn’t really try to lose weight after my pregnancy with my son.  I ate healthy and breastfed, which allowed me to lose most of it, although those last 5 lbs were very stubborn.  I assumed that I would have another kid and was not focusing too much on having the perfect body.  So I was carrying a little bit (not a ton—5+lbs) of weight beyond what my ideal would have been when I got pregnant again.

With my anencephaly pregnancy, it took me 17 weeks to gain around 15 lbs (bedrest/stress eating), and then 9 months of working out VERY HARD (just about every day, doing a lot of Insanity/T25—Shawn T was my friend) to lose those 15 lbs plus the 5 lbs I’d been carrying around.  At the end I looked amazing and was rock hard because I lost 20+lbs of fat and gained a ton of muscle.  Of course, then I just got pregnant again. 

With my omphalocele pregnancy, it took me 12 weeks to gain 10lbs (stress eating and all but bed rest=buh-buh rock hard body).  It then took me 5 months of working out pretty hard (marathon training) to lose the weight, and then two more months to get down to my adult-low (freshman year of college) weight.  It was easier to lose the weight this time than last time because I’d started at a lower weight, was in better shape, and had less to lose.  And, most importantly, I had a good plan in place (thoughtful eating and massive exercising) because I had just done it.

My weight loss journey was not easy, by any stretch, but I did it.  And my husband (who never had the ups and downs I did but nevertheless did a fair bit of sympathy/stress eating of his own!) got into the fitness groove as well.  Both of us are now in the best shape of our adult lives.  It might not be super fun and it definitely won’t be fast, but if you are looking to lose weight after a pregnancy loss, you can do it. 

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